Monday, November 13, 2017

Nov 13 On hiatus, maybe?

To my readers, both of you:

Looks like I haven't posted here since  4th of Nov.
That would have been ... my last time at work, before tonight (now).
When I got off work the morning of the 4th, I commenced a 10 night stay-home-vacation,  just four nights off from work book ended by my usual three nights off before and after.
Events planned... an overnight sleep study at a clinic for Tues/Wednesday, check in at 2100 on Tuesday, out at 1700 on Wednesday
On the 10th, my birthday, a sight seeing trip to Ventura, which we didn't have time for when we took our trip to Solvang.
Saturday,  the Marketplace at Sanctuary during the day, followed by a party there or at Threshold at night.
Friday night, Merry and I had gone to dinner, met with her new sub-in-consideration, then went to a play party.   My throat was scratchy, and I was already in a 'mood'  due to conversations we had prior to this about  spanking-no spanking.
Somewhere around Nov 1, I had told her, "just don't ask me about spankings at all until I suggest otherwise"
 so Merry played a bit, with the s-i-c.  I declined, and we went home
By Saturday (4th) I knew I was sick or getting it.
Just a cold.  No ick symptoms associated with a flu.  Just sore throat, head ache, fatigue, congestion.
I hardly moved out of bed on Saturday except to couch to watch college football.  I moved even less, Sunday ... Monday...
Tuesday, I asked Merry to call in sick on the sleep study, and reschedule.   She did, tho' I had to call n reschedule again, when that date conflicted with things at work.
Sick Wednesday   Thursday  
Friday, no trip to Ventura. We talked about at least going out to dinner for my birthday,  but  ...I didn't want to get off the couch.
Saturday,  I at least got up for a shower, thinking to go to the Marketplace, but when M came home from errands and offered my the choice, I said, I'd really rather not.  So, back to couch.
She wanted to meet up with her s-i-c and made arrangements to have him pick her up to go to a party... then she started feeling sick, the kind that keeps her close to a friendly toilet, and she cancelled him.
She was going to go to a rope class with her BF on Sunday,  then she cancelled on him too.
Sunday, I was able to get up and catch up on a bunch of shows on the DVR before they were gone forever (we are changing cable providers on Nov 14).  Knocked out 12 hours worth.
By Monday,  I was able to go down the stairs and get the mail.
First time I had been outside the front door, since we returned home late Friday (the 3rd) night.
And I went to a dr appointment as a follow up for urinalysis done some time ago.   Nothing there, so no UTIs for me.
Just gotta watch for any symptoms of prostatitis, which have significantly diminished over recent weeks.
A1C at 6.3 which googling indicates "pre diabetes".
Doctor again said, "Cut out sugar and starch, stick to protein and vegetables"  and I'll see him again in 2.5 months. 
Talked to Sunshine on arrival at home 1645, and again on leaving for work 17:15

Moving on:  
For some years, I've had unlimited internet access at work. No filters in use.
Well, a couple months ago, the hammer came down...filters were clamped on.
I can no longer use  the company internet wi-fi for  xHam, Sp-Tu, Flkr, Tmbr, a host of blogger sites, that are marked 'adult' ....
a bunch of places from which I usually draw inspiration.
I don't know my way around enough to try bypassing the filter via a proxy.
I did figure out that I could look at those and other sites by turning off the wifi on my phone, and using the 4G.
Then I saw the data charges I am incurring because I don't pay for an unlimited data plan, and we, the family, have 4 phones on this plan.
  As I just turned up in research, the real culprit causing the date overage charges is Merry's #4, who has the 4th phone on our plan.  Something I shall be addressing with Merry.
Anyway, I've decided to cut WAY down on porn surfing  on my phone on 4G.
And I'm still sick: I feel no 'desire'. I don't have the little devil on my shoulder, whispering, "Feed your fetish!"
Plus, that conversation with Merry:  putting a temporary, maybe, halt to our actual related activities.
Essentially, I'm not ... interested, and if I'm not interested, I'm not looking ... at porn, I'm not obsessing, I'm not creating, I'm not writing, I'm not fantasizing...

So I think I'll return to watching t.v. or videos at night.
I still want to finish Curb Your Enthusiasm, and I'm 32 half hour eps away from doing that.
And at home, I started up on The West Wing again, getting halfway through season 1. 
So, I'll continue my nights at work...
  Watching videos.

  Until such a time as the compulsion hits me, and I return.

Good night and good luck.
So Long and thanks for all the fish.


  1. Wow, that's a lot to digest.

    Just take the time you need to sort things out. Stuff has a way of eventually coming full circle and you might be back in the thick of it before too long. Good luck with it all.

    1. Thank you for the kind words.
      First thing on the list: get rid of this damn cold.

    2. The only good thing about colds is that they don't last forever.

    3. Now 15 days, AND Merry is down with laryngitis and other symptoms.

    4. Wow, that is a long time. Hopefully it is nearing its end.

    5. Monday, 17 days, still congested and coughing. Four days today for Merry, with laryngitis.